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VR Game Roundup

The VR Game Launch Roundup: A Magical May

Five new VR title to start the month.

Spring 2021 is in full swing and VRFocus has got another crop of VR titles to look forward to in the coming week. There are so exciting VR videogames on their way including Resolution Games’ latest multiplayer and Carbon Studio’s magical adventure expanding its hardware support.

Flow Weaver

Flow Weaver – Stitch Media, Silverstring Media Inc.

Described as a ‘multidimensional escape room’, in Flow Weaver you’re trapped in a single room but are able to control ‘Flows’, a way of moving between dimensions which overlap the material world. You therefore have to navigate between them, solving puzzles which can link across dimensions and hopefully make your escape.

Demeo – Resolution Games

Revealed for the first time only a few months agoDemeo is a turn-based strategy title allowing up to four players to engage in a dungeon quest, exploring the dangerous hallways and rooms whilst working together to defeat any foes they encounter. Players can assume one of four roles, an eagle-eyed hunter, a mystical sorcerer, a deadly assassin or a protective guardian each bringing their own unique skillset to the team. The end goal is to defeat the Mad Elven King.


The Wizards – Dark Times – Carbon Studio

Released last year for PC VR headsets, Carbon Studio is now bringing The Wizards – Dark Times’ gesture -based magic to Oculus Quest. Players have to learn and master 11 individually designed spells which can only be cast with their hands, freezing foes where they stand or setting them on fire for example. All the while trying to rid the land of Meliora from a mysterious dark plague sweeping the land.

Imercyve: Living with Intellectual Disability – Valley General

Appearing in last week’s roundup, the launch of Imercyve: Living with Intellectual Disability has been pushed back to this week. “Developed in partnership with support services not-for-profit Mercy Connect, this experience explores the efficacy of an immersive approach to strengthening communication and understanding between advocates and people with a disability by simulating a variety of effects that may be familiar to those with diverse and high care needs.”

The Wizards - Dark Times

Experience the Energy: Take the Challenge – Mammoth

A free app designed to see if you’d like a career in the Canadian energy industry. “Take the challenge to see how your skills align with 10 exciting careers in oil and gas. Try your hand at drilling, adjust valves to maintain pressure, and send one-of-a-kind robot assistant, Appo into the field to look for hazards.”

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