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The Green Fairy

Animated VR Short The Green Fairy Takes Flight in June

Supporting multiple headsets including Oculus Quest.

There are some truly wonderful virtual reality (VR) animated shorts available, usually with interactive elements to further immerse players in the narrative. Today, New Zealand-based CONICAL that its animated movie The Green Fairy is ready for release, arriving for multiple VR headsets next month.

The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy is a whimsical adventure, taking viewers on a 10-minute journey. The tale revolves around the Green Fairy, who needs to find a new place to live as she’s been driven from her home by green goblins known as Fairy Catchers. Leaving her forest she travels to the ‘Big Little City’ and makes a home inside one of the city’s traffic lights. She learns that her unique green glow makes her different and struggles to fit in, yet that’s also what makes her special, possibly bringing balance to the struggle between fairies and goblins.

She won’t be alone with The Green Fairy featuring a female-led cast with red and yellow fairies. All created using the latest motion capture techniques blending full-body movements performed by actors in New Zealand at the AUT Mocap Studio Lab. And they’ll be voiced by actors who’ve worked with Disney and Nickelodeon, and voiced videogame characters seen in Castlevania and Final Fantasy VII.

The short film was originally prototyped back in 2016 where it premiered at Westfield Malls around New Zealand. CONICAL then received investment from the New Zealand Film Commission as well as an Epic MegaGrant to fully develop the project.

The Green Fairy

“The future of CONICAL and The Green Fairy franchise is experiencing an exciting and innovative leap of progression – our vision along with support by key global industry partners, the like of Epic Games is to disrupt the family entertainment market through Immersive Entertainment. In future iterations we plan to introduce Artificial Intelligence for next-gen storytelling to promote a fully interactive Green Fairy experience,” said Alejandro Davila, Founder and Creative Producer, CONICAL, in a statement. “CONICAL is a powerhouse of passionate storytellers, game developers and animators who collectively strive to expand the success of their IP to bring engaging and interactive experiences for the future enjoyment of audiences around the world.”

CONICAL will launch The Green Fairy on International Fairy Day (the 24th June) for free, supporting Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and SteamVR headsets. For further updates on the latest VR animated movies, keep reading VRFocus.

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