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Chaotic Co-op Spaceteam VR Celebrates 1st Anniversary With in-game Goodies

Sign-ups are now open for Spaceteam’s flat edition beta.

May 2020 saw British indie team Cooperative Innovations launch Spaceteam VR, a multiplayer party title for up to six people where everyone has to work together and keep the spaceship they’re in, in one piece. Tomorrow will be its first anniversary with the studio celebrating with some special in-game items. Plus, it’s encouraging sign-ups to beta test Spaceteam: The Second Dimension.

Spaceteam alien skin

For all you Spaceteam VR fans out there you’ll be given a special new avatar simply by logging into the videogame and jumping into a session with a few others. That’s not all, other items will have to be unlocked by playing including new uniform colours and cosmetic accessories. This is a special weekend event so you’ve only got until Monday, 24th May to try.

Aiming to bring more players into the fold Cooperative Innovations has been working on Spaceteam: The Second Dimension, a non-VR version. Offering full cross-play functionality between both versions once its available, if you want to get an early peek then sign-up to the closed beta here.

That’s not all. If you love streaming VR content Spaceteam VR will launch support for mixed reality software LIV, so everyone can see you inside the chaotic spaceship. And PlayStation VR owners haven’t been forgotten either. The team say: “Spaceteam VR is in the final stage of development for PSVR” with more details on its launch to be shared soon.

Spaceteam VR

If you’ve not encountered the vidogame before it is an immersive reworking of a 2013 mobile title, allowing up to six players to participate in each round. Set aboard a spaceship in need of repair, all the players encircle a central console, each with their own station to attend. These are filled with various dials, buttons and levers to activate when the time comes, randomised for each round. To make things trickier the assigned tasks aren’t always clear, with plenty of ‘techobabble’ to confuse players. So everyone has to converse (shout) with each other or chaos ensues.

Currently supporting Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets, as further updates for Spaceteam VR are released VRFocus will let you know.

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