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DigiLens Design v1

DigiLens Unveils New XR Smartglasses, the Snapdragon XR2 Powered Visualize Design v1

A modular design with plenty of flexibility for upgrading.

Specialising in holographic waveguides for the past 18 years, DigiLens should know a thing or two about making smartglasses. Today, the company has announced its latest product, the Visualize Design v1, a modular pair of XR smartglasses due to arrive in early summer.

DigiLens Design v1

The first product from DigiLens’ Visualize Framework, the Design v1 integrates Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon XR2 Platform as well as DigiLens’ Crystal50 waveguides. These provide a waveguide efficiency of over 325 nits/lumen with 80% transparency, and a 50-degree (diagonal) field-of-view (FOV). DigiLens also claims the Crystal50 features “four-times less eye glow than the optics in HoloLens 2.” The hardware also features 6GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, stereo speakers for spatial audio, an 8MP RGB camera, two cameras for 6DoF tracking, and multiple microphones for noise cancellation and user input.

While the Visualize Design v1 can be used as-is, just like Qualcomm’s XR1 AR Smart Viewer Reference Design the smartglasses are more of a springboard hardware platform to help developers, OEMs and IoT companies accelerate commercialisation. So the design is entirely modular, enabling partners to create smaller, more specialised form factors using the Visualize Framework. This also means as DigiLens refines its waveguides new ones can easily be attached to the platform.

“Design v1 is brighter, lighter and more capable than any other waveguide based XR device on the market. Our strategy is to empower the forward leaning XR companies in the ecosystem to capitalize on the strengths of an emerging horizontal market,” said Chris Pickett, CEO of DigiLens in a statement. “We are creating an XR blueprint for the ecosystem to take, add to and adapt as needed for their individual markets and their unique XR software development needs. Expanding the pool of ex­perts and democratizing ideas across the spectrum is what the market has missed to date.”

DigiLens Design v1

“Design v1 promises to be an excellent platform to offer our clients cost-effective headworn devices with greater comfort and more processing power, ideally adapted to their use case. We are looking forward to start leveraging the benefits of Design v1 for our XpertEye remote assistance solution and continue to create value and amazing experiences for our customers,” adds Christian Guillemot, CEO of AMA.

The DigiLens Visualise Design v1 has already started to ship to select partners with the wider rollout starting at the end of June 2021. For further updates on the latest XR smartglasses, keep reading VRFocus.

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