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Bodyswaps Job Interview

Don’t Stress About a Job Interview With Bodyswaps’ new Simulator

Practice makes perfect, and possibly leads to a job.

Job interviews don’t tend to be the most pleasant of experiences as potential employers grill you on what makes you suitable for a particular role. Hence why a lot of people tend to get nervous, flustered and then worry they’re not presenting themselves in the best light. This is where soft skills training specialist Bodyswaps comes in with its latest solution, a job interview simulator.

Bodyswaps Job Interview

The Job Interview Simulator course is split into four modules aimed at helping you practice your pitch whilst teaching you various interview techniques and how to answer questions with confidence. The modules are:

  • Managing Interview Anxiety
  • Landing The Perfect Job, On Your Own Terms!
  • Three Steps to Answering (almost) Any Question
  • Interview Simulation

There are 75+ questions to work though, with behavioural analytics on verbal and non-verbal performance given. Thus, students can gain confidence in a safe virtual environment and repeat modules to help bolster weaker areas.

Bodyswaps Job Interview

“Educational institutions often lack the resources to engage students and give everyone the time and attention that mastering great interview skills needs. Our Job Interview Simulator leverages VR and AI, to support repeated, autonomous and hyper-personalised practice. For students, this is an opportunity to learn to present their best self and get the job of their dreams. For organisations, it’s a groundbreaking approach to boosting student outcomes, quickly and at scale, in these challenging times,” said Bodyswaps CEO Christophe Mallet in a statement.

If you’ve been stressing about an upcoming interview then good news, the simulator is available today, with a free demo available via the Bodyswaps website. For the best experience, you’ll want to be in virtual reality (VR) but the software does support smartphones and PC’s as well.

Bodyswaps offers a range of soft skill training solutions for individuals and employers including Active Listening, Clear Communication and Challenging Non-inclusive Behavior. It joined HTC’s global XR accelerator program, Vive X, in 2020 to help expand its content lineup, with more course planned for 2021. As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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