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VR Power 2

Enjoy up to 8 Hours of Oculus Quest 2 Gaming With VR Power 2

Pre-order now for $69.99.

While there’s no doubt that Oculus Quest 2 is a great virtual reality (VR) headset for gaming, sometimes that two-hour battery life just isn’t enough when you’re deep in a multiplayer deathmatch. So there are various solutions that can increase your time in VR, the latest of which is Rebuff Reality’s VR Power 2, a new battery pack claiming to boost that time up to eight hours.

VR Power 2

As the name indicates, this is the second generation of the company’s VR Power line, designed to offer a significantly longer battery life whilst ergonomically attaching to the Oculus Quest 2’s head strap as well as providing a nice counterweight. With more weight at the back users should find longer VR sessions more comfortable, with less pressure on their face and bridge of their nose.

The VR Power 2 features a 10,000mAh battery which when used alongside a fully charged Oculus Quest 2 should give players up to eight hours of gaming. That time is then increased to 10 hours if you’re streaming TV shows and movies. The new model has improved circuitry for a better charge and discharge during idle time, so your Quest 2 will be fully charged more often and stay charged so there’s no need to wait.

Plus the power button serves as a battery indicator and the new butterfly straps allow the VR Power 2 to be easily attached and moved into a comfortable position. Their flexibility means that the power pack can attach to the standard soft strap, the Elite Strap and even the Elite Strap with Battery Pack for maximum gameplay time.

VR Power 2

The VR Power 2 is available to order now via the Rebuff Reality website for $69.99 USD (£50.37 GBP) with deliveries estimated to take around 3-4 weeks. So if there’s anything else in the company’s product lineup that catches your eye like the Saber Grips or Lens Protector then it might be worth bundling them together. For all the latest Oculus Quest accessories, keep reading VRFocus.

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