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ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos DLC

First DLC for ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos Arrives in June for Oculus Quest

Other platforms will get the DLC at a later date.

Japanese developer MyDearest Inc. launched its interactive visual novel ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos for Oculus headsets at the end of 2020, following that up with further support for SteamVR and PlayStation VR headsets. Today, the studio has announced the first DLC ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos – Episode Yamato will be coming to Oculus Quest first, due to arrive in early June.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos DLC

The DLC puts you in the shoes of Second Lieutenant Yamato Amanagi, a member of the Meteora fighting Prometheus organisation and pilot of the Ares Makhia, the other giant Makhia employed by the force. This new story arc takes place as “Chloe tries to escape from Prometheus with Anima, but Yamato stands in her way carrying the hopes of his comrades – to bring her back or die trying,” the synopsis explains.

In the core narrative, you’re Chloe, who pilots Alto Makhia. This giant beast comes supplied with a railgun to defeat the Meteora. Piloting the Ares Makhia in the DLC you’ll be able to use its Swordstrike system, a close-range attack that in true anime style uses a massive sword. So the DLC will provide some new interactive gameplay elements as well as offering around two hours of additional content once all the story branches are complete.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos by itself is fairly extensive. While VRFocus’ review found the initial run-through took about three hours, that was then greatly extended by the branching narrative, easily providing 15+ hours of content via its multiple endings. The experience uses a system called Libra that points out impactful choices and unvisited story branches.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos DLC

The sequel to Tokyo Chronos, ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos is set 200 years in the future where humans have been driven into the¬†underground city of Augmented Tokyo by the alien Meteora. Colossal creatures that have decimated the Earth’s surface, humanity’s only weapon against them is the Makhia.

Oculus Quest owners will be able to purchase ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos – Episode Yamato for $9.99 USD, with English and Japanese voice acting and Chinese (Simplified), and French subtitles. MyDearest Inc. will be releasing the DLC for other supported platforms in the future, with dates still to be announced. VRFocus will continue its coverage of ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos, reporting back with further updates.

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