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Gadgeteer PlayStation VR Release Date Confirmed for May

Only a couple of weeks to wait.

When it comes to building puzzles and intricate rube goldberg machines then Gadgeteer has to be one of the best virtual reality (VR) titles for that job. Currently available for most headsets, only the PlayStation VR is missing out. Developer Metanaut is about to sort that out, announcing a May launch date for the videogame.

Gadgeteer - PSVR

VRFocus has heavily covered Gadgeteer over the last couple of years, seeing the title grow from an early access, single-player videogame on Steam to a multiplatform puzzler where you can build your own machine and share it with the community and vice a versa.

Gadgeteer is split between two gameplay modes Puzzle and Maker. The Puzzle Mode is the best place to start offering over 60 pre-made puzzles which gradually introduce new players to the various mechanics. Of which there are many, the videogame has a massive selection of gadgets to play with and four tools to create, clone, paint, and destroy those elaborate machines you plan on building.

That’s where the Maker Mode comes in. Free from any restrictions you’re given free rein to create twisting domino runs, towering marble runs or a mash up of both – all without the real-world fear of setting a sequence off early. As mentioned, with Online Sharing you can showcase your designs, whether that’s a machine or a devilishly difficult puzzle.


Reviewing the Oculus Quest version in 2019, VRFocus said: “Gadgeteer isn’t going to be for everyone, much like being a watchmaker. It’s finicky, time-consuming and puzzling all at the same time. They’re also the reasons why Gadgeteer is a puzzle gem for Oculus Quest.”

Gadgeteer is set to arrive for PlayStation VR on 25th May 2021. To celebrate the launch date Metanaut has released a cool new trailer with an elaborate machine and plenty of nods to the PlayStation platform. For continued updates for Gadgeteer, keep reading VRFocus.

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