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Get Moving With FitXR’s New HIIT Studio

FitXR’s is about to get even more intense.

Back in April popular fitness app FitXR changed from single-purchase to a subscription-based model, adding new content whilst revealing a new High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio feature was on the way. Today, VR fitness lovers can enjoy the new workout routines, providing even more ways to burn calories in VR.


Joining FitXR’s Box and Dance studios, the HIIT studio will provide a mix of instructor-led exercises and reaction-based fitness sessions. A well practised training routine for athletes, HIIT involves short bursts of intense activity, with FitXR’s version targeting different muscle groups to increase your heart rate.

During the Fitness Activity classes you’ll be moving in various directions facilitating functional movement, so make sure you’ve cleared some space. Whereas the Reaction Activity classes task you with hitting a wall of quickly illuminating orbs, combining speed and reaction timing for its workout. And to ensure things don’t get repetitive and boring, the HIIT class mechanics will continue to switch.

“We’re excited to launch a brand new way to workout with FitXR with the introduction of HIIT classes. We were inspired by the rush of endorphins and sense of achievement you get from completing a high-intensity class, and a desire to continuously develop and evolve the FitXR virtual fitness club. The HIIT Studio brings a style of workout that is completely different, but equally as fun and entertaining. We know how important variety is for our community, who use FitXR every day to reach their fitness goals,” said Sam Cole, CEO & Co-Founder of FitXR in a statement.


FitXR introducing HIIT workouts also signals a true coming-of-age moment for VR fitness. This is the start of the next phase of what’s possible to achieve and what FitXR plans to continuously deliver against as the technology continues to evolve,” he adds.

Currently, FitXR is exclusive to the Oculus Quest platform with new members offered a 7-day free trial. Should they wish to continue the subscription is $9.99 USD a month. On Steam, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR the fitness videogame is still called BoxVR and lacks some of the newer features. Eventually, BoxVR will be upgraded to FitXR on these platforms. When that happens VRFocus will let you know

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