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God of Riffs

God of Riffs Unleashes Heavy Metal Mayhem in July

Time to practice your best metal face!

Everyone loves a good rhythm action videogame once in a while and virtual reality (VR) headsets aren’t short of a few to choose from. But there aren’t many with a solid heavy metal section, let alone dedicating the entire experience to the genre – the closest currently is Ragnarock. Developer Boss Music Games and publisher Vyersoft aim to change this in July with the Steam Early Access release of God of Riffs.

God of Riffs

Fully embracing the heavy metal theme, players will be able to wield two guitars in the shape of battle axes, slicing down hellspawn in time to the music. The visuals have been inspired by iconic metal album covers so players will find skulls flying at them, and skeletal warriors attacking from the ground.

For the early access launch, these will be the first characters players encounter in the single gameplay mode that offers four music tracks (with 2 difficulties each), and four environments. God of Riffs will also include accessibility modes such as single-handed play, a colour-blind mode, and other modifiers to ensure all players are catered for. This content will then be expanded upon in the run-up to launch, with four new music tracks, two new environments, and creatures such as ice giants and trolls planned.

Boss Music Games is also working on additional gameplay modes but these might not make the official launch, coming further down the line.

God of Riffs

“With God of Riffs, we wanted to inject metal into the rhythm VR space in a way that feels authentically over-the-top and universally appealing,” said Mathew Palumbo, Company Director at Boss Music Games in a statement. “Now that we’re coming to Early Access, we look forward to seeing the reaction from rhythm and metal fans around the world.”

God of Riffs will be released on Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index on 27th July, retailing for $4.99 USD. Early Access is expected to last around 2-3 months after which the price will increase for the finished title. As further updates for God of Riffs are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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