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New 6v6 Shooter Larcenauts for Oculus Quest & PC VR Arrives This Summer

The latest VR title from the Farpoint team.

Impulse Gear, the developer behind PlayStation VR shooter Farpoint has now revealed its latest project, heading down the multiplayer FPS route with Larcenauts. Having teased details back in March the studio has confirmed this will be a multiplatform title set to arrive in Summer 2021.


Taking a leaf out of videogames like Overwatch, Larcenauts is going to be a fast-paced shooter where players can choose from a range of character classes to form a strategic team before fighting across a range of arenas. Described as a “shooter where a heist crew of misfits competes for riches in the lawless fringes of the Ludus galaxy,” there will be eight Specialists to choose from, each with unique weapons and skills.

These include Evander, the sniping specialist; Calima, the infiltrator who’s fast on her feet; Chi, the group medic and Thal, a robotic guardian who specializes in defense and suppression. So far four maps have been revealed, Relay, Excavation; Blight, and Hazardpay, each set on a different planet with its own distinct look. Blight for example is a fungal planet teaming with giant mushrooms whilst Hazardpay takes place on an asteroid mine floating through space.

As players progress they’ll be able to grow their Specialist’s skills through Power Slates, customise their weapon loadout depending on the game mode, and change up their look with some stylish skins.


Teams will be able to compete across several gameplay modes from the classic team Deathmatch through to the capture-the-flag style Dronehack and Refuel, which is all about territories.

Larcenauts will support Oculus Quest and Rift as well as SteamVR headsets when it launches in a few month’s time. Cross-play will be fully supported whilst over on the Oculus Store cross-buy will be implemented. Check out the first trailer for Larcenauts below and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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