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Oculus Quest v29

Oculus’ Next Quest Update Adds Mixed Reality Overlay, Mic Recording & More

Further enhanced functionality is on the way

With Oculus Quest software rollouts as they are it doesn’t seem that long ago that v28 arrived, bringing with it features like Air Link and 120Hz support. Oculus has now announced what’s about to arrive next in v29, revealing some exciting updates, especially for those that like to record/stream gameplay or want to work in VR.

Oculus Quest v29
Oculus Quest Files App

Due to the extra processing power of the Oculus Quest 2, the device sees the most improvements as the original just isn’t capable. For those that do own an Oculus Quest, there’s some good news, the Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing feature will be made available in v29, so the same headset can log into multiple accounts and share supported videogames across them.

The major features coming in v29 have to do with content sharing. When recording or streaming gameplay players have never been able to use the built-in headset microphone. That’s going to change, so they can provide commentary without the need for an external mic. But the software update goes even further. Oculus will release a new casting feature via the Oculus App for iOS devices (iPhone XS and newer). Called ‘Live Overlay’ it is essentially mixed reality (MR) recording within the Oculus app, enabling apps that support casting and recording to put you in the videogame. Simply point your phone’s camera at you, press the Live Overlay toggle and start recording. This also works using the front-facing selfie camera.

Another new feature aims to make it easier for developers to get their apps noticed. As the Oculus Store grows its content library finding ways to discover new titles is important. So the Oculus mobile app will soon begin testing ads for content, showing users a new videogame from a developer they’ve previously bought content from, for example. While Facebook says it plans on making the ads relevant to each user, there will be tools to hide or report ads to control what’s shown.

Oculus Quest 2

When it comes to the work side, you won’t just be able to see a keyboard in VR. As part of Infinite Office iOS users will be able to stay connected by enabling their phone notifications, so they can see lock screen notifications in VR. When using the Multi-User feature Oculus says: “your notifications will not be visible to any other account holders signed into the headset, whether friends or colleagues.”

A key part of any job is organisation so v29 will introduce an all-new Files App allowing you to access, browse, manage, share, and upload files easily. Plus you’ll be able to: “download and upload media files to and from your favorite websites via Browser.”

Last but not least there’s a Passthrough upgrade. A Passthrough Home “eye” icon on the Quick Settings menu will be added so you can quickly view your surroundings if needed. As always remember that the v29 update will be gradually rolled out so it may take a week or so before it arrives. For continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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