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Realm of the Rat King Will be a Summer 2021 Expansion for Demeo

The turn-based dungeon crawler arrives tomorrow.

Virtual reality (VR) board game fans only have a day to wait for Resolution Games’ next title, Demeo, and already the studio is teasing details of the first expansion. In true tabletop fashion, the next module will be Book 2: Realm of the Rat King due for release at some point this summer.


Apart from the obvious that players will have to face the ‘Rat King’, actual details regarding what new content the module will add hasn’t been unveiled just yet. In a Tweet, Resolution Games has mentioned that “Demeo will be updated regularly with new, free content such as environments, enemies, cards and much more,” so that’ll give you a better idea of what to expect.

In addition to Book 2: Realm of the Rat King, the studio also released a new gameplay overview trailer this week, showcasing Demeo in action. The video is the best look yet at what Demeo has in store, detailing the individual characters classes and their traits, getting up close with some of the enemies as well as all the magic cards you’ll be able to utilise – there are over 60 in the videogame.

Primarily design as a turn-based multiplayer, up to four players can team up and step into the role of an eagle-eyed hunter who loves her bow, a mystical sorcerer who can summon area-of-effect (AOE) spells, a sneaky deadly assassin or a protective guardian with loads of armour. Players have two action points to move and attack, rolling a die to see if they hit or miss and opponent. As mentioned, special ability cards can be used to augment actions, healing the team or casting status effects for example.

Demeo screenshot1

If there isn’t anyone available or you just want to practice then Demeo does have a single-player Skirmish Mode. Here you can control three characters through a dungeon which is a great way to learn each of their skill sets. Each run-through, either in single or multiplayer, is completely randomized so you never know who could be behind each door.

Demeo launches tomorrow, 6th May for Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Keep an eye out for VRFocus’ review and for check back for further module updates.

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