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VR Game Roundup 21052021

The VR Game Launch Roundup: Frighteningly Puzzling

An exciting selection of VR titles next week.

With May drawing to a close lets have a look at what’s going to round out the month. There are going to be fights in store for Steam users whilst those on PlayStation VR will be getting a rather excellent Rube Goldberg machine building title. So check out five exciting titles due to arrive this coming week.

Gadgeteer - PSVR

Gadgeteer – Metanaut

If you love puzzles and building things in VR then Metanaut’s Gadgeteer should be right up your street if you own a PlayStation VR. The title has already on most other VR platforms so this week’s launch nicely rounds things out. The core campaign features 60 pre-made puzzles and once you’ve finished them it’s onto the Maker Mode where you can let your imagination run riot. Plus, with an online sharing feature, you can upload and download your and other people’s Gadgeteer creations.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 25th May

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife – Fast Travel Games

Fast Travel Games’ new horror Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife saw an early exclusive launch for Oculus headsets last month and this week it’s coming to Steam, expanding support to HTC Vive and Valve Index. Set within the World of Darkness universe, you take on the role of Ed Miller, a photographer who dies during a seance at the luxurious Barclay Mansion. Stuck between the living world and the afterlife, you have to roam the hallways looking for clues as to what happened. However, being dead doesn’t mean to say you’re entirely safe. As a wraith, you can walk through walls and pick items up at a distance but you must also avoid Spectres. These are spirits of wrath and vengeance. With no way to defend yourself from them, you must tread carefully and hide.

Open Brush

Google dropped support for its painting Tilt Brush earlier this year whilst opening the software to developers by making it open source. That’s allowed Icosa Gallery to create Tilt Brush derivative Open Brush. What’s even better for Steam users is Open Brush is free whilst Tilt Brush still costs £14.99 GBP. So get 3D painting for free next week.

ForeVR Bowl – ForeVR

Oculus Quest owners looking to get their bowling fix will be able to this week with ForeVR Bowl the first VR title from ForeVR. Practice those bowling skills in single and multiplayer modes, where you can play across six locations with up to four players online. There will be a massive amount of different balls to unlock each with their own stats. The studio has created what it calls Real Feel Throw technology that should provide an accurate experience, all in your own home!

ForeVR Bowl

Boxed In – Red Chain Games

One more puzzle title for PlayStation VR to round the week out. Making you feel like you’re inside the very puzzle you’re trying to solve, Boxed In puts you in a chequered room with colourful cubes to clear. Depending on the mode the difficulty is turned up a notch when the cubes start moving, increasing the chance of crushing you before you’ve managed to clear them all.

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