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Oculus Quest 2

Zuckerberg Envisions Oculus Quest Pro With Multiple Sensors for Gaming, Fitness & More

Just don’t expect it anytime soon.

Facebook may not have released any sales figures for Oculus Quest 2, but from company remarks including that of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the virtual reality (VR) headset is doing very well. And while the headset looks to be around for a while, previous AMA’s featuring Head of Facebook Reality Labs’ Andrew Bosworth have revealed that a Quest Pro is in the works. Zuckerberg recently confirmed that it’s “something that we’re working on,” going into further detail about where its capabilities may lay.

Mark Zuckerberg (OC5)

The Oculus Quest 2 packs a lot of tech into its diminutive frame and for a consumer-friendly ¬£299. Yet there’s a lot more which could be fitted inside to increase that sense of presence, especially for those high-end consumers or companies willing to pay. In an interview with CNET, when asked about the Oculus Quest Pro Zuckerberg said: “there are other aspects that make virtual reality a higher-end experience as well, including putting more power in it in terms of different types of sensors and capabilities on the device. We do want to be able to support a wider range of use cases.” 

So that could very well mean an Oculus Quest Pro with abilities such as eye-tracking or facial tracking sensors so that your gestures in VR are more expressive, a feature Facebook is already pushing with its new avatars. These kinds of features are already appearing in high-end, enterprise-focused headsets like the Pico Neo 3 Eye or as additional upgrades such as the Vive Facial Tracker. That would mean a more expensive headset but it would help to expand the Oculus platform.

One area Zuckerberg seems very keen on is fitness. He’s a big Beat Saber fans and apps like FitXR and Supernatural are pushing the subscription model. So a future Quest Pro could also have health sensors to monitor heart rate and other variables, useful for those at home as well as healthcare professionals using VR.

Oculus Quest 2

“From my perspective, it’s filling out the initial vision and hope that we had for VR about how there are going to be all these different use cases,” Zuckerberg said. “It’s amazing for gaming, but it’s not only for gaming. Part of the question is if you were focused on building a higher-end device that could really max out further on some of those other use cases, in addition to doing the gaming pieces, there are some interesting questions about how you design.”

With the demise of Oculus Rift S, the Oculus Quest 2 is the only VR product Facebook currently offers, in stark contrast to others in the industry who have a range of models. While you can enhance your Quest 2 experience by either cabling or using Air Link to connect to a PC, an Oculus Quest Pro could remove those requirements – especially handy if you don’t have a VR-capable PC – as well as moving beyond the entry-level, mainstream market Quest 2 is building.

As for when an Oculus Quest Pro might appear he notes: “Now it’s not coming out anytime soon, but that’s certainly something that we’re excited about.” As further details regarding the upgraded headset appear, VRFocus will let you know.

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