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Competition: Win DragonRide VR on Steam

Want a free SteamVR game? Then enter our competition.

Fantasy worlds aren’t complete without a dragon or two but they quite often tend to be aggressive, serving as boss encounters or the loyal carrier of the main villain. Getting to jump on the back of one of these winged beasts is a rare treat and that’s all DragonRideVR cares about. Today, VRFocus and developer TypeEh Studios are offering you a chance to win a SteamVR code for this action-filled title.


TypeEh Studios launched DragonRideVR last year for PC VR headsets with a range of modes and since then has added a few more to flesh out the experience. Currently, there are seven modes to explore all set across six sprawling environments.

  • Dragon Ride – Essentially a dragon rollercoaster, enjoy a pre-set ride on a dragon selecting between flying, walking, swimming, and underwater diving modes.
  • Rhythm Ride – This is the very latest mode only introduced in May. Combining dragon riding and rhythm action gameplay, slice your way through 25 handcrafted songs each with 5 difficulty levels.
  • Target Shooting – Exactly as you’d expect, shoot targets and balloons whilst your dragon flys around a course. Choose between Laps or Time Challenge modes.
  • Egg Hunt – A timed mode where you have to find lost dragon eggs.
  • Balloon Hunt – Pop as many balloons as you can.
  • Panoramic Views – No action, just enjoy the environments and chill out.
  • Freefly – Now we’re talking! Take control of a dragon and explore all the environments at your leisure, dragon riding at its purest.

So there’s a fair amount to keep you busy and if you enter the competition below you’ll be in with a chance to play it all for free!


So onto the competition. VRFocus has Steam codes for DragonRideVR to giveaway. There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway with the standard prize draw entry rules applying: Follow us (or already be following us) on Twitter (@VRFocus) or alternatively, visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel to get an entry for each. The competition will be open until 11.59 pm BST on Monday 14th June 2021. The draw will be made shortly thereafter. Best of luck.

DragonRideVR Competition
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