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New Trailer Showcases YUKI Bullet Hell Gameplay ahead of Summer Launch

Coming to Oculus Quest and SteamVR devices first.

Having already made a name for itself in virtual reality (VR) gaming thanks to its Pixel Ripped titles, ARVORE revealed its next project in late 2020, an anime roguelike called YUKI. Recently, the studio dropped an official trailer showcasing more of the gameplay as well as confirming a multiplatform launch for this summer.


Mixing bullet-hell and roguelike genres into one colourful mix for VR gamers, as you can see from the new gameplay trailer YUKI is set to offer plenty of action as players manoeuvre their character through levels filled with obstacles and incoming projectiles. Designed to be easily picked up and played by any gamer, YUKI’s control scheme is entirely geared around using your hands to grab the Yuki action figure and physically move it, so players should find the experience fairly energetic.

You do get to fight back, of course, blasting enemies to rack up highscores along the way and gain new abilities. Just like other roguelikes such as In Death: Unchained, the colourful shooter offers procedurally generated runs so enemies and obstacles will continue to change on subsequent runs.

To aid your journey deeper into the videogame there’s a persistent progression system that enables you to improve Yuki’s skills, equipping various power-ups, new abilities and weapons at the beginning and during each run. Unlocking new Bladewing weapons for Yuki should then help when levels throw in challenging boss fights to test your spatial awareness and reflexes.


“I’ve worked with illustrations for nearly 25 years. Telling stories through visual elements is my way to communicate with the world. This is something very close to my heart and YUKI gave me the chance to turn the game into a vibrant visual journey,” said Kako, YUKI’s Creative Director and Production Designer in a statement. “Unlike most VR shooters and bullet hells, YUKI players are not stationary. That sparked something, the idea that YUKI could be approached as a theme park ride. And in order to achieve the same kind of environmental storytelling I’ve studied theme park designer and illustrator Don Carson’s works and applied them to every level as much as I could. Reveal is the key. And for YUKI, knowing when to tell a story to a player that is being shot at from everywhere was our biggest challenge.” 

YUKI is due to arrive this summer for Oculus Quest and Rift as well as all SteamVR headsets. A PlayStation VR version is also on the way for later in the year. As ARVORE release further details on YUKI, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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