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A Township Tale

Open-World RPG A Township Tale is Coming to Oculus Quest in July

Exciting news for Oculus Quest RPG fans!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2021 kicks off today and while you might be glued to some of the bigger press conferences going on there are plenty of exciting indie announcements to look out for. One of which comes from Alta, the Australian developer behind virtual reality (VR) role-playing game (RPG) A Township Tale. Previously only available for PC VR headsets, today the studio has confirmed native support for Oculus Quest is on the way next month.

A Township Tale

The expansive co-op RPG is set in a medieval fantasy world where players can team up with eight friends on one virtual server to go on adventures whilst offering all the traditional RPG elements you’d expect. However, unlike other RPG’s A Township Tale isn’t solely focused on fight after fight, instead, creating its own little world where players can adopt professions to aid everyone else.

That means players can choose to become blacksmiths, woodcutters, miners, archers and warriors to create unique groups to head out and explore dangerous locations and find new crafting materials. This then helps everyone through the creation of new tools and weapons whilst levelling up.

All these processes are fully built around immersive control schemes so players will have to chop down trees, hammer nails, pump the bellows of the forge and handcraft weapons. All so they can venture deeper into the valleys and caves to discover new secrets.

A Township Tale

“From the moment the Quest was announced, the requests from fans started to roll in for a dedicated version of our game, even though the thought of delivering a world as expansive as A Township Tale to a standalone device seemed crazy,” said Boramy Unn, game director at Alta in a statement. “We began the process last year, and now on July 15 we’ll be launching A Township Tale on Oculus Quest, bringing to life a fantasy we’ve had since we were children: To truly embody the RPG characters we play in a fantastical world.”

When it comes to joining friends in-game, for the Oculus Quest launch A Township Tale won’t feature cross-play support with PC VR users.

A Township Tale will arrive for Oculus Quest on 15th July 2021 priced at $9.99 USD. With that purchase players get their own server and 1,000 Talems of in-game currency to start customising their characters. Check out the new Oculus Quest trailer below and for further E3 2021 updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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