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Somnium Space - Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me 3D Avatars Step Into Somnium Space’s Metaverse

It’s now even easier to create a Somnium Space avatar.

Wolf3D’s Ready Player Me avatars are already used in plenty of social virtual reality (VR) apps including VRChat, Mozilla Hubs, and MeetinVR. Today, another social world has been added to that list with Somnium Space now supporting the avatar creation software.

Somnium Space - Ready Player Me

While Somnium Space already had a basic avatar creation solution, the addition of Ready Player Me greatly expands the customisation options for users. It also enables Somnium Space users to utilise the avatar apps’ most interesting feature, the ability to create a character simply by uploading a selfie.

All of this can be achieved directly inside Somnium Space without any need for a separate app. You can create an avatar directly inside the Somnium WEB client before stepping into the virtual world. After uploading a photo – or you can skip that part and build an avatar from scratch – you’re presented with a massive list of customisation options to alter facial features, hair and hair colour as well as clothing.

“We are very excited to partner with Wolf3D and bring native support for Ready Player Me avatars into our Somnium WEB client. This is another important step towards our ultimate goal of interoperability. Allowing users to express themselves across the Metaverse is one of the most important aspects of their digital existence,” said Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO of Somnium Space in a statement. “We are committed to this goal and happy to add another layer of self-customization alongside user-generated Somnium Blockchain (NFT) Avatars and Somnium Classical Avatars.”

Somnium Space - Ready Player Me

Somnium Space has been running since 2018, providing a virtual world where users buy land parcels that they can build upon or sell if they so wish. Built on the Ethereum blockchain network, you can join Somnium Space for free and explore its metaverse using PC VR headsets or online through a PC or mobile device. Because of its blockchain backbone, assets, avatars, and land parcels – basically any in-game assets – can be tokenized and stored in a blockchain wallet as NFTs to be sold through marketplaces like Opensea.

As Somnium Space continues to expand its feature set during 2021, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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