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Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR Hits All Major VR Platforms in July

The classic sniper series arrives in one month.

As one of VRFocus’ most anticipated virtual reality (VR) titles of 2021, expectations for Sniper Elite VR have been high since its unveiling back in 2019. A combined effort between Rebellion, Just Add Water and Coatsink, this week they’ve announced that the iconic sniping franchise will be heading to most VR headsets next month.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR has been built specifically for VR rather than porting one of the previous editions over, whilst the narrative stays within the franchise as it’s set prior to Sniper Elite 4. The 18-mission, single-player campaign places you in the shoes of an Italian partisan during WWII, helping his fellow countrymen deal with the Nazi’s. Each mission is told through the recollection of his harrowing memories.

Just like the rest of the series, Sniper Elite VR has been built for action as well as realism with an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. While you can always choose to have a sniper rifle by your side, missions also allow you to mix things up with SMGs, pistols, shotguns, grenades and explosives depending on the situation, all authentic to the era. Naturally, this wouldn’t be a Sniper Elite videogame without notorious X-ray Kill-Cam, adding a visceral view of your devastating shots.

The teams have ensured Sniper Elite VR should be as comfortable as possible for most players by providing a suite of locomotion options. From continuous locomotion for the most immersive experience to the ever comfortable teleportation, you’ll be able to tweak the settings to comfortably outmanoeuvre enemy troops and vehicles.

Sniper Elite VR

It seems like a long time ago since VRFocus first demoed Sniper Elite VR two years ago during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019, suitably impressed by what was shown so early on. Just like the demo, the PlayStation VR version will support the PlayStation Aim controller for natural rifle-wielding as well as PlayStation Move which will provide realistic weapon reloading.

Sniper Elite VR will see a multiplatform launch for PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index on 8th July 2021. Check out the new gameplay trailer below, and for further updates on the title, keep reading VRFocus.

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