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PlayStation 5 VR Controller

Sony’s PlayStation 5 VR Headset Reportedly Arriving Holiday 2022

The headset could feature OLED panels.

PlayStation 5 might be doing great sales figures with the most recent revealing at least 7.8 million had been sold but it’s still almost impossible to get hold of one. Still, that’s laying the groundwork for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) next virtual reality (VR) headset which is supposedly going to arrive at the end of next year.

PlayStation 5

The launch window was reported by Bloomberg today while discussing LCD manufacturer Japan Display Inc. which is turning it attention to the VR market as the smartphone industry focuses on OLED screens. VR headsets used to use OLED’s for the technology’s deep blacks but in recent years companies have moved to fast-switch LCDs thanks to their higher refresh rates alongside their cost to resolution ratio.

Sony’s upcoming VR headset will reportedly buck that trend and use OLED panels unnamed sources told Bloomberg, with an official rollout aimed at holiday 2022. Currently, none of this has been confirmed by SIE. Spec reports have surfaced regarding certain features but none have mentioned the panel technology which could be a big differentiator when comparing VR devices.

As for the launch window, SIE said earlier in the year that its next generation PlayStation VR wouldn’t appear this year. Considering the original PlayStation VR launched in 2016 and PlayStation 5 arrived during the 2020 holiday, a late 2022 release for the next device would seem quite reasonable.

PlayStation 5 VR Controller

It might be E3 2021 week but PlayStation hasn’t taken part once again, so no VR announcements were expected from the company. The last official details released came in March when the Orb controllers were unveiled. These are going to be packed with tech shared from the current DualSense controllers like its Adaptive Triggers which add tension and texture to an experience, therefore it becomes more immersive.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the next PlayStation VR, reporting back with further updates.

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