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Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest to Feature VR Demos You Won’t Want to Miss

Some exciting free games to play next week.

Steam’s winter game festival back in February was a great way to get a look at some of the exciting virtual reality (VR) titles developers are working on and next week you get to do it all again. Wednesday will see the launch of the Steam Next Fest with hundreds of free playable demos across all genres. Where VR is concerned there won’t quite be that many but some choice demos will still be available.

Sam And Max VR

Whether you’re after some comedy capers, rhythm-action mayhem or something more serious, the Steam Next Fest has most VR genres covered. Cropping up first on VRFocus’ radar was Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!, teaming up with the crime-fighting duo to battle aliens and take on challenging police training exercises. Or for those explores amongst you how about Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder set in a dieselpunk world where you become a penniless prospector hunting for riches.

Looking for something a bit more brutal and physical? Then why not try Undead Citadel where you have to fight hundreds of living corpses with all manner of medieval weaponry. Keeping with the fighting theme whilst adding a little rhythm, Against drops you in 1930s New York to hack, shoot and slice through a noir crime nightmare. In fact, this demo is already available.

VRFocus is also looking forward to testing out Into The Darkness, a single-player action-adventure that mixes up puzzles and combat in a world with highly accurate physics. Joy Way, the team behind Against have a second title appearing in the festival, Outlier, a roguelite adventure with procedurally generated levels and RPG elements.


As for the rest which VRFocus has found:

The Steam Next Fest runs from 16th – 22nd June 2021. In addition to the free demos there will also be livestreams and chances to speak with some of the developers. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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