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Winds & Leaves

Winds & Leaves Shines on PlayStation VR in July

It’s exclusive to the PlayStation VR headset.

This week saw a flurry of videogame announcements for PlayStation VR including release dates for big titles like Sniper Elite VR. Canadian developer Trebuchet also joined in by revealing that its flora-building experience Winds & Leaves now has a specific launch date, 27th July 2021.

Winds & Leaves

From the team behind Prison Boss VR, Winds & Leaves looks to be the biggest virtual reality (VR) project from the studio to date, offering you the chance to be a virtual gardener bringing life back to a barren planet. Coinciding with the launch date announcement Trebuchet has released the first gameplay trailer for Winds & Leaves, showing a vibrant world just waiting to be brought back to life.

A The Gardener you have a unique connection to the trees and plants around you, and they in turn help you explore the world. Awakening in a verdant valley with some basic tools you need to plant and harvest increasingly complex trees with techniques mastered over generations. In doing so each new forest you grow provides life-giving energy for you to venture further as well as becoming a safe haven to return to.

Exploration will reward you with ancient dormant varieties of trees, new climates, and diverse biomes. You need to find the Outposts littered around the edge of the world as each of these structures contains knowledge to learn new abilities. You also have your own private garden which supports all the plant species you find, offering a constant supply of its particular fruit.

Winds & Leaves

The videogame also features a unique locomotion system for PlayStation VR where players are up on stilts. Trebuchet hasn’t quite detailed how this will ensure Winds & Leaves will be a comfortable experience for all, as there looks to be plenty of walking involved. In any case, it certainly looks gorgeous.

Winds & Leaves is exclusive to PlayStation VR when it arrives in July. Take a look at the new trailer below, and for further updates from Trebuchet, keep reading VRFocus.

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