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Rec Room

Climb Into Rec Room’s new Full-Body, Animated Costumes

Cosplay in VR in Rec Room!

A lot of virtual reality (VR) videogames and platforms tend not to render an entire body as it’s much more difficult getting areas like elbows to work correctly. Social platform Rec Room is no different, providing users with a head, torso and a pair of hands, all you need for social interaction in a virtual world. Today that changes somewhat, with Rec Room rolling out full-body, animated costumes for users to wear.

Rec Room

Rec Room has become a hub for user-generated content, with its millions of players creating all sorts of extravagant and in-game items which can be sold. The same goes for these new animated costumes which can be created by yourself or other Rec Room users. Make a costume that perfectly suits your real-world look, make up something that’s weird and wonderful or how about creating a costume resembling one of your favourite characters, the choice is yours.

Considering how creative you can be in other areas of Rec Room these new animated costumes should allow users to go even wilder with their ideas – an MCU costume party, anyone?

This is just the latest in a series of updates and announcements from the Rec Room team, most recently announcing that the platform would finally be coming to Android devices later this year. Rec Room did originally start as a VR social app with lots of fun mini-games, growing extensively over the past couple of years to include support for iOS, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Steam, Oculus Quest, and PC VR headsets. Android users can pre-register on the Google Play Store to earn in-game rewards.

Rec Room

Naturally, the addition of all these platforms has swelled Rec Room’s user count seeing +500% user activity growth in 2021 alone, with 15 million+ lifetime users, 1 million of which come from VR. The Android launch should jump those figures even higher.

Rec Room is completely free to download and start exploring and make new friends. If you do get into the content creation side of things then Rec Room’s Creator Compensation Program will even allow you to make money if users like what you’ve built. For further updates on Rec Room, keep reading VRFocus.

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