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Neon Hat

Indie Racer Neon Hat is Coming to PlayStation VR Next Week

Some PlayStation Move racing awaits.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has a number of initiatives to support indie developers on PlayStation, one of which is Playstation Talents Games Camp Valencia. Back in February a selection of titles were revealed as part of the 2021 accelerator, one being the PlayStation VR videogame Neon Hat. Today, the team behind its creation Entalto Studios has revealed Neon Hat’s launch will take place next week.

Neon Hat

A very vibrant, neon-drenched racer designed for use with PlayStation Move controllers, each one serves as a rocket booster allowing players to fly around corners and through checkpoints. Featuring its own original synthwave soundtrack, Neon Hat features ten courses across three gameplay modes. The first is Extreme Derby which is described as “a pure racing experience”, whilst “Race” is against three opponents, both feature global leaderboards to compete on.

The third mode is slightly different. Called “Pursuit” this is essentially a boss mode where players have to destroy a Data Snatcher. This ties in with Neon Hat’s backstory where players become what’s known as a H.A.T. Operator. “You are one of the few people qualified to fly around the Web, and you have decided to become the best racer on the whole Net,” explains the synopsis. “However, you are aware that the Web is not a place for the faint of the heart. Several people try to harm those connected through the net by controlling their enormous Ultra Viruses.”

Being released as a digital-only title, Neon Hat will also be compatible with PlayStation 5.

Neon Hat

Neon Hat is joining a strong lineup of PlayStation VR releases this summer. Tiles confirmed for July include Synth Riders and Winds & Leaves, with August currently featuring nDreams’ Fracked and Traffic Jams. Plus there’s Vertigo Games’ After the Fall which doesn’t have a specific date yet.

PlayStation Talents and Entalto Studios will be launching Neon Hat for PlayStation VR on 29th July 2021. Check out the new trailer below to see the videogame in action and for further PlayStation VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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