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VR Collection

VR Collection Brings More App Lab Savings From Indie Studios

The VR Collection bundle website is now live.

Since its launch earlier this year the App Lab distribution method for Oculus Quest has seen a huge uptake by indie developers with a large array of titles now available. Finding them all on the actual Oculus Store isn’t easy so it’s simpler to go through a platform like SideQuest. A group of 23 indie developers also came up with another solution, offering bundles via a dedicated website. Lab Surprise was the first instance of this initiative but only run until May. Now the same group is back with a new version, VR Collection.

VR Collection

VR Collection works in a similar manner to Lab Surprise in that 19 videogames are made available for purchase, all in bundles for a discounted price. The indies have added a fun twist depending on how much of a discount you want and whether you like a little gamble. All you do is head to the VR Collection website and you’ll be shown between 2-5 cards, each representing a VR game on App Lab, you just don’t know which ones.

Take the blind gamble and you’ll get a 50% discount on the bundle, with the codes displayed directly after purchase to be redeemed – you also get the codes emailed. Or, if you want to know what you’re getting then the bundle can be revealed with the discount then dropping to 15%. You can always refresh the page to get a new bundle collection.

A new feature the creators have implemented in VR Collection has to do with duplicate apps. Once you’ve made your first purchase you’ll get a Collector ID which can then be inputted so that you’ll never get any duplicates, great if you love purchasing those 5 card blind bundles. All the titles are the same ones in Lab Surprise, featuring the likes of Peco Peco, Rhythm ‘n Bullets, Sep’s Diner, Quest for Runia, Crazy Croquet, The Final Overs and Perpetuum Mobile.

VR Collection

Unlike Lab Surprise, VR Collection looks to be a more permanent initiative to support and promote indie titles on App Lab as there’s no time window. VR Collection’s content selection will also be expanded in the future with one of its creators Julien Dorra – who developed Peco Peco – saying to VRFocus: “Our goal is to have new games every week joining the collection, giving exposure to more indie VR developers and new games to discover for players on a regular basis.”

So as more VR videogames are added to VR Collection’s mystery bundles VRFocus will keep you updated.

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