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Population One: Kingdom Age

Become a Knight With the Population: One Kingdom Age Update This Week

The might Excalibur is hidden within the castle walls.

After being acquired by Facebook back in June, BigBox VR is almost ready to launch its next seasonal update for Population: One. Last time the developer took players to the wild west in The Frontier. In a couple of days, the battle royale shooter will be going even further back in history with castles, swords and loads of rewards in Kingdom Age.

Population One: Kingdom Age

So the first big addition is a giant sprawling castle with battlements, ruins, stained glass windows and, of course, a throne to wage war around. As you’re running around doing your best knight of Camelot impressions you’ll want to keep an eye out for a new weapon, Excalibur, the legendary sword to cut opponents down within the stone walls. It also gives you a speed boost.

Kingdom Age will be slightly different to previous seasonal updates which have focused on Battle Passes. This time around the Battle Pass has been dispensed with, instead, BigBox VR is launching four free events over the coming 11 weeks. The events will allow you to unlock free cosmetic rewards like the PJ (Gallant) character skin with armour detailing or new gun skins.

The four events aren’t simply a chance to unlock new stuff, each will have its own gameplay twist with BigBox VR revealing that: “Kingdom Age’s second event may have a new game mode.” All these events will build up to a grand finale where you can choose the Light or Dark side and fight for your kingdom. “The winning side will leave a mark on the world,” the studio teases.

Population One: Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age has also been designed to ensure new players aren’t overwhelmed. Considering Population: One launched in October 2020 the videogame has seen a rapid succession of updates, with new features coming and going whilst others stay. Hence why Kingdom Age only features Excalibur as the only new item which is easy to wield.

Once again VRFocus has a special offer for new players. Using coupon code: VRFOCUS if you purchase Population: One between 3rd (16:00 UTC) – 17th (06:59 UTC) August you can claim 750 Bureau Gold (worth $10!) to buy new skins and other items in the shop.

Population: One – Kingdom Age is set for launch this Thursday, 5th August as a free update for Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further seasonal updates from BigBox VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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