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PlayStation 5

PlayStation VR 2 Leak Lists Rumoured Specs & AAA Game Focus

New rumors regarding the PSVR2 abound.

Everyone might be clamouring to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 at the moment but there’s something else Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has that people want, details on the next PlayStation VR. While it’s currently dubbed PlayStation VR 2 – SIE hasn’t given it an official name yet – new rumours have arrived this week regarding the specifications of the headset as well as indicating a move towards proper console-quality titles.

PlayStation 5 VR Controller

A report this week by YouTube channel PSVR without Parole states that Sony held a closed-door, virtual conference for potential developers where the following details were gleaned from. Supposedly the new headset is internally referred to as Next-Gen VR or NGVR for short and will come with Fresnel OLED displays, providing a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye.

This gives the headset a 4K display which also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) whilst the field of view (FoV) is 110-degrees – for reference the PlayStation VR is 100° and the Oculus Quest 2 is 90°. To further improve the image quality the NGVR will have foveated rendering and a system called flexible scaling resolution (FSR), both of which focus processing power on where the player is looking, so eye tracking will also feature.

Also, the rumoured headset-based haptics are going to be included to aid immersion as well as reduce motion sickness which could be an interesting development. Most of these details have previously been leaked in some fashion over the last few months, therefore starting to build a corroborative narrative for the upcoming device.

PlayStation 5

As for the videogames, the report suggests Sony wants to move away from “VR experiences” to focus entirely on console-quality AAA videogames. These would also be hybrid titles that could be played in VR or regularly on a flatscreen. This could work for some VR videogames but certainly not all of them. Players would also have the choice as to whether they download the VR or flatscreen version.

And for those who still love their original PlayStation VR titles, these could be remastered to make use of the new hardware.

Only two pieces of information regarding the PlayStation VR 2 have been confirmed by SIE so far. One was the reveal of the controllers back in March, with their adaptive triggers just like the new PlayStation 5 controllers. The new report does go onto say that the VR controllers will feature capacitive touch sensors to detect how far away fingers are. Additionally, the VR controllers will supposedly be packed with every headset, so no having to swap between various input devices.

The other piece of confirmed info from Sony is that the new VR headset definitely won’t arrive in 2021. As always, until SIE confirms any of this these details should be regarded as the rumours they are. For continued updates from SIE on its VR plans, keep reading VRFocus.

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