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Green Hell VR - PC

PlayStation VR Support Teased for Green Hell VR

The focus is still on Quest and PC at the moment.

Last week virtual reality (VR) developer Incuvo announced that its upcoming project Green Hell VR would be delayed a short while pushing the release from 2021 into early 2022. Already confirmed for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets, the studio has teased this week plans for a PlayStation VR version.

Green Hell VR - OQ
Green Hell VR for Oculus Quest. Image credit: Incuvo

Responding to a post over on Twitter, the Green Hell VR account simply said: “We do have some plans for the PSVR as well.” As far as VRFocus is aware that’s the first time Green Hell VR has been linked with the headset, at least confirming the studio is looking into support.

It’s likely that if PlayStation VR does get Green Hell VR it won’t be within the same timeline as the Oculus Quest and PC VR versions which are now due to launch simultaneously in Q1 2022. That vague mention of “some plans” could also suggest Incuvo might be waiting for further details regarding the headsets successor for PlayStation 5, rumoured to be arriving holiday 2022.

Green Hell VR is an immersive port of Creepy Jar’s 2019 survival adventure Green Hell, being reworked from the ground up to support immersive interaction. That means plenty of objects to pick up and physically use, especially when it comes to weapons and surviving the jungle. Incuvo has plenty of experience in this having helped create the recent VR port of Blair Witch: VR Edition for PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets.

Green Hell VR - PC
Green Hell VR for PC VR. Image credit: Incuvo

Green Hell VR is a big open-world survival adventure in the Amazon rainforest. While you can go it alone, Incuvo has already confirmed you won’t need to as a co-op mode will be available, albeit not for launch. Making your new home in the jungle you’ll have to forage for resources and hunt for food, all whilst learning new skills to build shelter, craft useful tools and making sure you don’t get injured. As there’s plenty of danger hidden in the trees, from wild animals to local tribes.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Green Hell VR, reporting back with further updates.

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