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VR Cover - Lens Protector Quest 2

Protect Those Precious Oculus Quest 2 Lenses With VR Cover’s new Accessory

A cheap way to prevent unwanted lens damage.

VR Cover has become a one-stop shop for almost all your Oculus Quest 2 accessory needs, whether that’s improving the comfort or protection of your virtual reality (VR) headset. Having previously released an “okay” Lens Cover for the device the company has now gone a step further by launching the far more useful Lens Protector.

VR Cover - Lens Protector Quest 2

No matter which VR headset you own one commonality running through them all is the need to protect those windows into virtual worlds. Scratch them or damage them in any way and your VR experience can be ruined. So unless you’re super careful and the only person using your Oculus Quest 2 you’ve probably thought about some sort of lens protection.

The VR Cover Lens Protectors are designed to do just that, with the company stating that the lenses are: “Made of high-quality Tritan with oil-proof, abrasion-resistant and anti-smudge coatings.” Thus stopping any annoying little scratches appearing or finger smudges. The coatings also make the lenses easy to clean.

Additionally, the Lens Protector comes with a blue light filter, blocking some of those digital rays which are known to cause eye fatigue – most new mobile phones have a blue light filter option for example.

VR Cover - Lens Protector Quest 2

Fitting the Lens Protector couldn’t be easier, each one simply pushes straight over each Oculus Quest 2 lens, for a snug fit.

The Lens Protector is available now for $19 USD (€19 EUR) from VR Cover’s regional stores. The company also has a promotion running at the moment where you can get a free Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2 with any purchase.

For further updates on the latest Oculus Quest 2 accessories, keep reading VRFocus.

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