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Rec Room

Rec Room’s Own Olympics Begins This Weekend

It’ll be a two-week-long event.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics may have finished but that doesn’t mean the sporting action needs to end. At least Rec Room doesn’t seem to think so announcing the Reclympics. The social app is running its own event for players around the world, kicking off tomorrow for a couple of weeks.

To take part, Rec Room players have to sign-up to a region they wish to represent by joining the regions clubhouse. They can join multiple clubhouses if they want but can only represent one region during the games. Additionally, the Reclympics rules state that: “Players registering for multiple games must represent the same region for all applications.”

When it comes to the games themselves: “A limited number of players from each region will be able to compete. Players may register for multiple games but are not guaranteed to be selected.” The games will be a day-long tournament with the customary Bronze, Silver and Gold medals awarded.

The games and timings are as follows:

  • Stunt Runner – August 14th from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • A solo obstacle course where players race for the fastest times
  • Laser Tag – August 15th from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • Users can compete as a team event and battle different regions for the medals¬†
  • Archery – August 21st from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • Users can compete in a skill-based, solo event that will showcase the talents of many of the Questing community
  • Dodgeball – August 22nd from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • Dodgeball will be a team event based on a classic Rec Room game
  • Discus Throw – August 28th from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • Discus Throw is a new twist on a classic sport, players will need to be accurate with their throws to win
  • Ultimate Frisbee – August 29th from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • Ultimate Frisbee, one of the earliest UGC games in Rec Room, will allow teams to compete against each other
  • Paintball – September 4th from 11am PST – 3pm PST (7pm – 11pm BST)
    • A Rec Room classic, and the first game that inspired player-driven leagues. This event will be a day-long tournament.
Rec Room

Head to the official Reclympics page to signup for the event and do read through all the requirements to participate. These include having an account that is over level 30, having a good recent moderation history and having an account with an active email address.

While Rec Room did initially begin as a social virtual reality (VR) platform it has greatly expanded both its platform support and functionality. iOS, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Steam, Oculus Quest, and PC VR headsets all work with Rec Room as well as Android devices which were added this month. Another new change was the rolling out of full-body, animated costumes for users to wear.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Rec Room, reporting back with the latest updates.

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