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Spacefolk City

Spacefolk City Could Become VR’s Sim City

Due for release on Quest and PC VR this Fall.

Most genres of videogame have managed to make their way to virtual reality (VR) headsets in some form. Some are far more prevalent than others, with the classic city-building simulator not getting much of a looking. That’s going to change this year when Moon Mode launches Spacefolk City for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets.

Spacefolk City

Spacefolk City will be Moon Mode’s first original IP, with the team having previously helped create Down the Rabbit Hole with Cortopia Studios and Paper Valley. It isn’t going to be a hardcore city sim, offering a bright playful aesthetic and an easy control scheme which will be great for VR newcomers. VR veterans won’t miss out either, with plenty of customisation options to keep them going for hours.

Set amongst the stars, players are able to build a floating city however they wish, snapping buildings together to create a vibrant town. Once the basic layout is sorted cities can then be further adorned with a range of normal and more unusual items. At the heart of any city are the residents, each having their own interests which can influence how cities are built and expanded upon.

Moon Mode has also seen fit to give Spacefolk City some additional charm and life by adding a backstory. Players aren’t simply there to build a random floating city, this new metropolis is required because the Spacefolk’s solar system contains a star about to go supernova. Deadly solar activity has already destroyed settlements so it’s up to players to eventually re-home everyone.

Spacefolk City

A single-player experience, from the looks of the trailer Spacefolk City is going to be one of those lively, family-friendly titles with hours of entertainment.

Spacefolk City is being built to support Oculus Quest and Rift as well as SteamVR headsets. Beyond Frames, the parent company of Cortopia will be publishing the title this Autumn for $29.95 USD. Take a look at the first trailer below, and for further information keep reading VRFocus.

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