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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Aftershocks Confirmed for Late September

There’s still a bit of a wait to go.

Having revealed that the popular virtual reality (VR) title The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners would be getting a big update called “Aftershocks” in May, developer Skydance Interactive had to delay the release due to “technical issues”. Today, the studio has confirmed that the update will arrive in September.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Aftershocks update is a big one continuing the campaign with new missions, supply caches to find and challenges to complete. In a statement the studio said that: “For our first simultaneous cross-platform content release, the team has been working hard at getting all versions of the update to live up to our standards. The content itself is playable and practically complete, but we are trying to smooth out as many rough edges as we can find.”

Due to the wait Skydance Interactive has released new details fans of the zombie survival experience have been clamouring for. For instance, because the update expands the campaign you’ll need to have completed the storyline to unlock the new content. Aftershocks include: “a number of Reserve Caches to find that are filled with late-game supplies and unique collectables, new enemy layouts and scenarios, a new type of environmental hazard to watch out for.”

The update should add around 4-6 hours worth of gameplay the studio expects – which is a whole game in itself in VR terms. File size estimations have also been listed at: PC VR – 31.3GB; Oculus Quest – 6.73GB, and PlayStation VR – 9.67GB currently. 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Reviewing the PC version The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners in 2020 VRFocus said: “From the very beginning, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners offers a satisfying zombie experience that’s hard to match. Titles like Arizona Sunshine easily fill that need for straight-up arcade action, for when you want a living dead apocalypse with a bit more depth then The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is your new go-to videogame.”

Skydance Interactive will launch The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Aftershocks on 23rd September for all supported platforms. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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