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Synth Riders

A-Muse Yourself Today With Synth Riders’ Latest Music Pack

Synth Riders is also getting physical on PlayStation VR in November.

To attract and then keep players developers of rhythm action videogames know they need a continual succession of tracks, aided further if these come from big, international artists. Beat Saber recently welcomed Skrillex onto its roster whilst Synth Riders welcome back alt-rockers Muse with a new music pack for Oculus Quest and Steam players.

Synth Riders

Muse first graced Synth Riders at the beginning of 2021, returning today with five more rocking tracks celebrating the band’s career. The songs are Starlight, Uprising, Madness, Reapers, and Pressure. Just like the first pack, this one will also feature a special Synth Riders Visual Experience, tailored for Muse’s big hit Starlight. Rather than the usual progression through a flat level, the experience is far more dynamic, with artistically driven visuals inspired by the music.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to be able to work with Muse again. They are a perfect fit for Synth Riders because of their sound – when you ride the rails to match the vocals, the combination is electrifying and emotional. For the Experience, our creative interpretation of the song’s lyrics gave us the freedom to explore a whole galaxy of particles, abstract images, and even a black hole,” says Abraham Aguero – Creative Director Kluge Interactive in a statement.

The music pack for Oculus Quest (cross-buy with Rift), Steam and Viveport can be purchased as a bundle for $7.99 USD with a 20% discount. Or you can buy the songs individually for $1.99.

Synth Riders

So what about PlayStation VR? After a bit of a delay, Synth Riders launched last month and it won’t miss out on the music pack; the release is scheduled for a couple of weeks time, on 29th September. There’s also some more news regarding a physical edition of Synth Riders. Developer Kluge Interactive has teamed up with Perp Games to publish a special retail version that’ll include Muse’s music pack on 12th November 2021.

As Kluge Interactive continue to support Synth Riders VRFocus will report back with the latest updates.

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