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Bean Stalker

Bean Stalker Takes PC VR Players on a Fairytale Adventure

Every bean stalk journey will be different.

Classic fairytales can be a great source of inspiration for videogame developers, especially if a certain story has been a favourite since childhood. Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most famous, inspiring VR Storm Studio to create Bean Stalker for PC VR headsets whilst putting its own unique twist on the tale to give it a unique virtual reality (VR) element.

Bean Stalker

Currently in early access development, Bean Stalker is about ascending this legendary plant, fighting the various creatures you encounter on the way and hopefully making it to the top. The twist is that the beanstalk is procedurally generated, so every time you go to tackle its heights you’ll need to find a new route up.

To make it up this winding mass of foliage you can physically climb each and every stalk you find or utilise a handy grabbling tool to quickly navigate to higher branches. Very useful when you consider the types of creatures hiding behind each leaf, from flying bugs to those ever-present eight-legged friends, everything fights for survival which includes you.

That does mean plenty of action and an arsenal including swords, crossbows, shields and grenades to aid your adventure. The higher you climb the more valuable resources you’ll discover, all of which can be used to craft tools and other useful items before facing the spirit at the top. Sometimes that means leaving the beanstalk climb to head back home, craft, and then tackle it anew.

Bean Stalker

However, there’s not one solitary beanstalk to climb. This initial version of Bean Stalker has two worlds to conquer, each with its own enemies and resources to collect. VR Storm Studio has revealed that its third map is almost complete and that a multiplayer element is also in the works. The overall aim is to officially launch Bean Stalker within the next year.

Bean Stalker is available now through Steam Early Access for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets priced at £25.99 GBP. For continued updates on the latest VR videogames, keep reading VRFocus.

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