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Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle’s Fall VR Emporium Deal Includes $154+ of Games

Quite the selection at an awesome price.

2020’s Humble Bundle Fall virtual reality (VR) offer arrived a little late in the season but that’s not the case in 2021, a little early in fact. The Fall VR Emporium Bundle has just gone live where you can get up to seven titles for an incredibly low price for a limited time.

Humble Bundle

This year’s VR bundle features quite the crop of VR videogames with Arizona Sunshine, House Flipper VR, Until You Fall, Zero Caliber VR, A Fisherman’s Tale, Paper Beast and Wands all featuring. As always there are various options depending on how much you want to spend and which titles take your fancy, it isn’t quite pick ‘n’ mix but it is close.

You can go for the one item bundle which is Wands, where you have to pay at least £0.72 GBP. Then there’s the four-item bundle with Zero Caliber VR, A Fisherman’s Tale, Paper Beast and Wands for a minimum of £10.64, But is you don’t have any of these titles then you may as well go for all seven at the minimum purchase price of £10.83.

If you’re new to Humble Bundle the whole point is that this is a charitable offer, encouraging you to pay a little more – why not round up to £20 for example? – for a good cause. It’s not a solitary cause you might not be interested in either, you can select which organisation receives your funds (there’s GamesAid, Women in Games International and many more) and how much is split between the publisher, Humble Bundle and the charity.

Humble Bundle

There are definitely some choice titles in the selection such as Schell Games’ roguelike sword fighter Until You Fall and Pixel Reef’s delightfully out there puzzler Paper Beast. Both are VR experiences everyone should have a go at.

The Fall VR Emporium Bundle is available now through to 1st October 2021. For further updates on the latest VR deals – like the Oculus Quest Larcenauts one tomorrow – keep reading VRFocus.

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