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Iragon’s Naughty VR Kickstarter has Smashed its Funding Goal

With 10 days left the campaign has already hit $100,000.

Towards the end of July VRFocus reported on Repulse Game Studios launching a rather modest Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its virtual reality (VR) RPG Iragon. Having already spent three years in development the team was looking to raise a mere $10,000 USD. But with 10 days left to go the campaign has now surpassed $100,000.


Currently sat at $105,002 from 2003 backers, Iragon isn’t your usual VR role-playing adventure; adding an erotic twist to the gameplay. It still has all the hallmarks of a classic RPG with a focus on narrative and a hero tasked with saving the day in a fantasy world, there just happens to be romance and a bisexual sorceress thrown in for good measure.

This has obviously proven to be popular as that current cash tally means Iragon is 1047% funded. This has also helped the team achieve three out of four listed stretch goals with one still hidden. The stretch goals see characters April and Erika expanded their storyline, a new boss fight added and more outfits for the girls. The final $125,000 goal adds body type variety customisation so players can fully tweak those lasses.

For those interested in backing Iragon before the Kickstarter ends tiers start from $25 for a digital copy with the official launch expected to take place in June 2022. Paying more gets you more (or possibly less) with the $50 tier including a “Nude mode patch for NPC’s during combat,” which sounds like an ever so useful feature. You can even try before you buy with a free PC demo available.


Iragon is a fantasy world filled with monstrous creatures and merciless soldiers to fight as well as scantily clad women. You step into the shoes of Darick, a poor village kid whose world drastically alters when he meets bisexual sorceress, Brianna. She’s currently being hunted by a dangerous empire ruling the lands and you decide to help her out. To aid her journey you get to learn magic, fight battle armies and meet the ladies of the land to fornicate with.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Repulse Game Studios’ Iragon, reporting back with further updates.

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