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Larcenauts’ Next Update The Zarius Heist Adds New Specialist, Map & More

The update arrives at the end of the month.

Virtual reality (VR) hero shooter Larcenauts arrived back in June for Oculus headsets, seeing a flurry of updates rectifying issues and adding more content. Today, developer Impulse Gear has announced that the next one is right around the corner – this month in fact – further expanding the team-based, multiplayer experience.


Dubbed The Zarius Heist, the update will add an all-new Specialist, a brand-new map, a new payload objective gameplay mode and private lobbies. As for what these individual components will look like remains to be seen, Impulse Gear is keeping quiet on the specifics for the time being.

The content update will certainly be a welcome addition for those players who’ve been engrossed in Larcenauts from day one. While the character roster was reasonably diverse, the videogame only features three game modes Refuel, Uplink and team Deathmatch across four maps Relay, Excavation, Blight and Hazard Pay. So adding another to each of those should really flesh out the experience.

The studio has confirmed, however, that The Zarius Heist will be a free update for Larcenauts players and that’ll it’ll launch on 30th September 2021. Ahead of that date, Impulse Gear will be holding a Daily Deal promotion on the Oculus store this Saturday, 18th September where you can pick up Larcenauts with a ten percent discount. There’s been no mention of a discount for Steam players.


While it wasn’t at launch, Larcenauts is a cross-platform 6v6 multiplayer where you select from a cast of 8 playable Specialists, each with their own unique attributes. There’s someone for everyone such as the explosive Grenadier, the sneaky Infiltrator, and even a sentient Mushroom for nature lovers. They each have their own fully customizable weapon loadouts and unique skills that can be upgraded over time.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Larcenauts, reporting back with further updates when they’re available.

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