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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Latest Horizon VR Rumour Points to Firesprite & PlayStation VR 2

Who wouldn’t love a version of Horizon: Zero Dawn in VR?

The next PlayStation VR is coming, it might not be this year but it is definitely set to arrive in the near future. And just like any new hardware, it needs some good videogames to back it up. Big IP certainly helps in that regard with a new rumour suggesting that Firesprite – the studio recently acquired by PlayStation Studios – could be working on a virtual reality (VR) title based within the Horizon: Zero Dawn universe.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The new rumour comes by way of the most recent Xbox Era podcast and Xbox Era co-founder Nick Baker, who has been informed by sources that Firesprite is “working on a Horizon VR game” which will supposedly be separate from the other titles, so it won’t be Horizon: Zero Dawn in VR. He went on to say: “I didn’t get told if it’s a full-blown game like Half-Life: Alyxor if it’s an “experience” like that Batman [Arkham VR] thing. That part I don’t know.”

Now, it isn’t the first time that VR and the Horizon franchise have been mentioned in the same sentence. A rumour surfaced in 2019 that Sony London Studio was apparently working on something but that rumour never came to anything.

This one could have a bit more credence thanks to the fact that Baker has a good track record with accurate leaks and that Horizon’s bow gameplay is a great fit for VR as numerous titles like Apex Construct have shown. Plus, with Firesprite now under Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) wing and the studio having plenty of experience in the technology thanks to titles like The Persistence, it would be a good fit.

PlayStation 5 VR Controller

Additionally, when it comes to Baker’s remark about whether it could be a full-blown videogame or not, previous leaks regarding SIE’s plans for the PlayStation VR 2 suggest it would be. August saw information arrive that PlayStation wants to move away from “VR experiences,” focusing efforts on console-quality AAA videogames. Again, that would easily align both of these rumours.

As always this info has to be taken with a pinch of salt because at the moment there’s still no confirmation regarding when PlayStation VR 2 may arrive, just speculation it’ll be holiday 2022. As and when VRFocus can confirm these rumours we’ll let you know.

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