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Real VR Fishing

Oculus Quest’s Real VR Fishing Year 2 Edition Update Lands in October

The fishing sim is going to get even more realistic.

When it comes to catching a few aquatic creatures on Oculus Quest, MirageSoft’s Real VR Fishing ticks all the boxes, offering a chilled-out experience either solo or with friends. Today, the studio has announced its next major update for the fishing simulator is set to arrive in October, improving the mechanics whilst adding new features.

Called the “Year 2 Update”, it should make the whole experience that bit more realistic with one of the main additions being the ability to provide depth of water variables. This means each fishing location will provide various water depths, with different fish residing at each level. All of this has been designed around real-world data, so each species will be more actually represented.

This ties into the improved fishing mechanic where anglers will be able to play with float fishing for the first time, selecting the depth of the live bait prior to casting. Lure fishing has also been refined with the ability to reel and twitch lures to attract fish with some newly detailed lures.

Other enhancements include a reworked store to be more user friendly, better tutorials and improve audio to ensure and immersive experience.

Real VR Fishing – Year 2 Changelog

Improved Fishing Mechanic:
● New float fishing added to the game
● Live bait added to the game
● Improved lure fishing added to the game
● More detailed lures added to the game
● Players will require to reel or twitch lures to attract fish
Depth of Water
● Depth of water added
● Species of fish will be distributed in different depths based on real data
● Each fishing location will have different depths
New Store
● A more user-friendly designed store
● Items now have durability and can be broken
● New gloves store added
Improved Tutorials
● Improved tutorials with voiceovers and visuals
● Added bite-sized tutorials
Improved Sounds
● New relaxing music for the lodge that changes depending on the time of day
● New fighting music that changes depending on the size of the fish
● Improved sound effects

MirageSoft plans on releasing the free Year 2 update for Real VR Fishing on 20th October 2021. Check out the new trailer below and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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