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Star Wars TFGE Part2

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call Makes a Cohesive Whole

Now the title makes a lot more sense.

When ILMxLAB launched Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge for Oculus Quest last year it felt like a virtual reality (VR) experience that wanted to tell its own stories away from the main film canon. And it did, partially, showcasing ILMxLAB’s ability to tell rich immersive narratives. The biggest problem was that it was over before it truly gained momentum. That issue has now been put to rest with Last Call, the second part to the title which arrives today.

Star Wars TFGE - Part 2

Last Call is DLC so it’s not quite a second section opening up for players, more a normal videogame expansion. Thankfully, this does mean players get a nice chunk of content to delve into, including several new missions, some additions to Seezelslak’s bar, and more upgrade options to experiment with.

The main campaign centres around the new character Dok-Ondar, an antiquities dealer who’s looking for a very specific relic. This artefact just so happens to be Sith in nature and naturally, the Jedi have hidden it away for safekeeping. You’ve been hired to find it but you’re not the only one on its trail. Cue an adventure into a new part of Batuu, with the mission set across three areas. It’s another tasty slice of Star Wars lore for fans to get into but just like before the gameplay is heavily combat-focused with some light puzzles, so anyone can enjoy the sci-fi adventure which lasts around one hour depending on how many secrets you try to uncover.

With a new mission comes new enemies and weapons, with androids who drop mechanical parts that can be collected and sold at Mubo’s Droid Repair Shop. You can expand your arsenal with a blaster featuring a charge-up mode or a gun that fires explosive tipped arrows. It’s important to pick up those parts and hunt down the elusive mini-droids because Mubo does have some new goodies in-store. From gloves that will automatically heal you to expanding your blaster holsters by equipping two on your back, there are a few ways to upgrade now. One of the most useful is the new hoverpack that enables you to maneuver in the air. You’ll need to have Free Move on but it makes mid-air combat a lot more dynamic.

Star Wars TFGE - Part 2

And then there are the new Tales. These are short but sweet, self-contained mini-adventures where you get to play as notorious assassin droid IG-88 in The Bounty of Boggs Triff or heading back to the High Republic era as Ady’Sun Zee in The Sacred Garden. The Bounty of Boggs Triff is the weaker of the two as IG-88 is absolutely deadly, being able to target multiple enemies to unleash a barrage of blaster fire. However, apart from being able to scan certain objects to complete a side quest, much like the droid itself, the mission doesn’t require much strategy; all you simply do is wander through and shoot.

Even though Last Call is paid DLC, for those that wanted more from Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge the first time around now they should find the entire experience is much more cohesive as a whole. And all the better for it.

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call is available today for Oculus Quest priced at $9.99 USD. Or for those that don’t own the videogame yet, it’ll retail for $34.99 with all the content available. For continued VR updates from ILMxLAB, keep reading VRFocus.

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