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Beat Saber

Beat Saber Finally Releases Multiplayer Support for PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR players can now compete against one another in real time.

It seems like a long time in the making (and it is) but Beat Games has just surprised launched Beat Saber‘s multiplayer component for PlayStation VR.

Yes, that’s correct, PlayStation VR owners can now enjoy playing against their friends in the wildly popular rhythm action videogame. Naturally, there are a couple of caveats of course, namely, you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription and you can only play against the PlayStation VR players, cross-play isn’t supported.

Even so, after all the delays it’s still great to hear one of Beat Saber’s biggest features can now be enjoyed on PlayStation VR. Multiplayer has been available for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets for the past year with support for PlayStation VR initially slated for the beginning of 2021. Beat Games has been honest in their issues with expanding support to the headset, taking much longer than the team expected.

When it comes to cross-play, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for PlayStation VR owners, Beat Saber has consistently been the most downloaded videogame on the platform as PlayStation Store download charts have highlighted. That doesn’t mean to say cross-play will never come to PlayStation VR. The feature only arrived for Oculus Quest and PC VR players last month, with the studio previously saying: “We’re also exploring ways to allow crossplay for the PS VR.”

Beat Saber PSVR multiplayer

As an added bonus for all Beat Saber owners, the studio has dropped Spooky Beat a free track by Jaroslav Black, Beat Games’ in-house audio wizard behind many of the early core tracks.

Beat Saber players have been treated to a nice stream of new content over the last couple of months, most notably all of those new Skrillex songs in August and ten Billy Eilish tunes last month. As further updates arrive for the videogame, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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