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HaptX Gloves DK2

HaptX Advances Vision for Full-Body Haptics With Haption Partnership

Another step towards full-body haptics.

HaptX makes some of the most formidable haptic gloves around thanks to the company’s microfluidic technology – just take a look at the HaptX Gloves DK2 for proof. But the company isn’t focused purely on hands, it wants to build full-body haptic devices. To aid in that vision for the future HaptX has entered into a multi-year partnership with another haptics producer, Haption.

HaptX Gloves DK2

The French company has been making force feedback devices for a couple of decades, its current model is the Haption Virtuose 6D that can deliver up to 15 lbs. of grounded force feedback. With the exclusive partnership in place, Haption will discontinue production of its own HGlove haptic gloves marketing HaptX Gloves to their customers instead.

“HaptX has invested nearly a decade of research and development to design and manufacture haptic devices for the hand and beyond,” said Jake Rubin, founder and CEO of HaptX in a statement. “We’re excited to leverage Haption’s commercially proven Virtuose platform to help bring our transformative technology from lab to marketplace.”

The next step for both companies is to start down the route of full-body haptics, a far more challenging endeavour than just hands alone. You can see below HaptX’s concept of what this may eventually look like, a highly futuristic vision of enterprise VR.

HaptX Render Full Body

“Haption has developed advanced force feedback systems for over 20 years,” Jérôme Perret, CEO of Haption adds. “We’re thrilled to combine our best-in-class force feedback with HaptX’s unique true-contact haptics to deliver a new level of fidelity and immersion for our customers’ mission-critical applications.”

HaptX has built its own proprietary system for haptic feedback in its gloves where that microfluidic tech activates 133 tactile actuators that can gently press your skin up to 2 mm, applying up to 40 lbs of force feedback per hand. For the latest updates on immersive haptic technology, keep reading VRFocus.

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