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HTC Vive Flow

HTC Vive Flow Leak Unveils Design and $499 Price

How genuine is this leak, only tomorrow will we know.

Leaks are part of the course in the tech industry with some companies fairing worse than others. Tomorrow sees HTC Vive host a special event to unveil a new device its been dropping hints for the past week or so. But that secret may be out the bag with a new leak offering up a selection of images, pre-order details and a price.

HTC Vive Flow

Any leak of this type should always be taken with a pinch of salt regarding validity. The details come from Twitter account @evleaks which is synonymous with this type of information drop having previously released pictures of Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smartglasses ahead of their official unveiling. So there’s a fairly good chance all of today’s leak is correct.

Offering up images of some slim-looking glasses that definitely have similarities with HTC Vive’s Project Proton concept, the Vive Flow will seemingly be for “well-being and mindful productivity”. So rather than a new type of VR headset, this will be a phone connected device to watch videos or compatible apps. Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? Plus there are no controllers mentioned, there are what look to be lenses on the front which could offer a range of functionality. According to a recent Protocol report, it’ll have 6DoF tracking and no controllers as the device won’t be geared towards gaming.

The Vive Flow will supposedly have a “Dual-hinge fit system” to accommodate most heads, in-built spatial audio so there’s no need for headphones and an active cooling system that should make long viewing sessions comfortable. There will also be adjustable diopter lenses supporting up to -6.0D and the ability to Miracast from your phone.

HTC Vive Flow

All of this will reportedly retail for $499 USD with pre-orders opening on 15th October – the day after the HTC Vive event. If you pre-order, you’ll get that carry case HTC Vive has been putting in all its promotional images, “7 free VR contents [sic],” and two months of Infinity Vista, likely a new iteration of the Viveport Infinity service.

HTC Vive should be confirming all of this and hopefully more tomorrow at 4pm BST. When that happens VRFocus will keep you posted.

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