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HTC Vive Flow

HTC’s “Vive Flow” Could be a New AIO Reports Suggest

We’ll have to wait until 14th October to find out.

At the end of September, HTC Vive began teasing an upcoming online event for 14th October called “Go with the Flow”, hinting at a new hardware launch with images that look like a case of some sort. Over the past week, new details have emerged that a device called Vive Flow will be announced, with the latest info suggesting it could be a standalone headset.

Much in the same way it did earlier this year prior to the launch of Vive Pro 2 and Vive Focus 3, HTC Vive has been dropping images on social media. Then recent trademark filings offered up that possible name Vive Flow alongside a goods and services statement indicating a: “Head mounted display for computer simulated reality, namely virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality”.

No major surprise considering its HTC Vive. However, as spotted by Road to VR, recent US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings add further credence to those initial findings with a report for an HTC Vive headset. FCC certification is required for all wireless devices (WiFi, Radio, Bluetooth) to prove they’re safe to use. Most of the details remain confidential but there are a few teasing snippets to dig into.

All electronic devices of this nature require an FCC label, in this instance an “e-label” just like the Vive Focus 3, indicating a model number 2Q7Y100. This crops up again in several test reports, one indicating Bluetooth integration and rechargeable lithium-ion battery while another shows the Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) testing that took place.

HTC Vive Flow spec1

Considering the WiFi functionality and the fact that HTC Vive own images showcase a rather small looking case, the announcement next week could very well be a rather small all-in-one (AIO) VR consumer device or possibly the company’s first foray into AR glasses? With the likes of Facebook and Ray-Ban’s recent collab, it wouldn’t be unthinkable that smartglasses were on HTC Vive’s roadmap.

As HTC China President Alvin Wang Graylin tweeted, expect to: “hear about some big news in a small package” when the news does arrive. For continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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