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Puzzling Places

Mars Desert Research Station is Puzzling Places’ First DLC, Arrives Tomorrow

Time to see what a Martian colony would be like.

Realities.io officially launched its 3D jigsaw title Puzzling Places for Oculus Quest last month – after spending several months in App Lab – getting a hugely popular response from players on the Oculus Store. The studio has now revealed that its first DLC is on the way, tomorrow in fact, introducing the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) Pack.

Puzzling Places

For all you jigsaw fans who love anything to do with space exploration, the pack will contain four puzzle environments showcasing what living on Mars could be like. These haven’t been scanned from Mars, of course, but locations from the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, US, a project designed to simulate a future Martian colony.

  • The Musk Observatory: An observatory featuring a telescope, tools, and documentation, as well as dramatic night-time lighting. The module is named after the Elon Musk Foundation for their donation to the MDRS as well as the Mars Society. 
  • The RAM: A repair and maintenance module made out of the chassis of a Chinook helicopter featuring all the things you’d find in a futuristic workshop, including a rover! This puzzle also features the exterior of the module.
  • The Hab: The habitat module is where the astronauts eat, sleep, shower, and suit up to face the harsh exterior. It features an airlock, a suit prep room, kitchen,  common space,  bathroom,  shower, and  simulation station!
  • MDRS Exterior: Build the entire station with this puzzle! The MDRS features the exterior of the five main modules of the station as well as the Martian surface it’s built upon. Once complete, players can see where the three other puzzle locations are in the station.

This being Puzzling Places, each puzzle can be played in 25, 50, 100, 200, and 400 pieces. They’ll also feature their own particular special sound effects for that added sense of atmosphere.

Puzzling Places

In its review of Puzzling Places, VRFocus said: “Puzzling Places is an enjoyable treat, the perfect way to spend a casual Sunday afternoon. The 3D photogrammetry scans are magnificent to put together and ultimately very satisfying once completed. In combination with the soundscapes, Puzzling Places gives players a really unique experience that anyone can pick up and appreciate.” 

Puzzling Places’ MDRS Pack will be available from 21st October 2021, priced at $4.99 USD. For continued updates on Puzzling Places, keep reading VRFocus.

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