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Pimax Frontier

Pimax to Unveil its Next-Gen Tech at Frontier 2021 Event Next Week

Get ready for the Pimax VR 3.0 era!

October has already seen quite the influx of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) hardware announcements and that trend doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping anytime soon. Originally due to take place tomorrow, Chinese VR headset maker Pimax’s upcoming event “Pimax Frontier” will now be held next week, just a few days before Facebook Connect, promising a showcase of its next-generation technology.

Pimax VISION 8K X w_ deluxe modular audio head strap
Pimax Vision 8K X with optional Deluxe Headphone Strap

Pimax has made a name for itself in the VR space with its wide field of view (FoV) headsets which currently include the 5K Super and the flagship 8KX, both of which feature a massive 200-degree FoV. The Pimax Frontier conference will be about unveiling its next generation of VR, what the company dubs VR 3.0. Originally, Pimax’s VR 1.0 era saw the company launch its first headset, the Pimax 4K, in 2015. This was then followed up from 2017 onwards with the latest roster of devices, or the VR 2.0 era.

So by that information alone, Pimax is guaranteed to be revealing a new VR headset (or headsets) of some sort. In a press release, the company notes: “VR 3.0 provides a totally immersive experience, and will focus on three points: naturalness, freedom and self-awareness.” VRFocus would expect Pimax to maintain its wide FoV hallmark, if it does then it’ll buck the current trend of making smaller, lighter headsets that are trying to cater to the consumer market.

Additionally, the Pimax Frontier event won’t purely be focused on hardware, it’ll also delve into its own software ecosystem. The Pimax store is set to reveal new partners and Pimax Studio will introduce a series of developer support initiatives. 

Pimax Sword Lite
Pimax Sword Lite controllers. Image credit Pimax

Pimax Frontier 2021 will now be held on 25th October at 10am PDT (6pm BST), viewable via YouTube here. You can also register for the conference on the official Pimax website. Registration will also put you into a draw to win a Pimax 8KX worth €1,199.00 EUR.

Last month saw Pimax finally confirm details regarding the long-awaited Sword controllers. While customers have been able to use Index controllers, the Pimax Sword Lite finally gives the company its own in-house control scheme for customers.

As details from the conference are announced, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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