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Roguelite FPS Outlier Coming to Oculus Quest in 2022

Oculus accepted Outlier for official Oculus Quest Store.

Joy Way, the virtual reality (VR) developer behind Stride revealed its latest project Outlier during the summer. A roguelite shooter, Outlier was originally confirmed for PC VR headsets but recently the team also mentioned that an Oculus Quest version will be arriving next year.


In a statement, JoyWay said: “We are pleased to announce that Oculus has accepted putting OUTLIER to the official Oculus Quest Store…Approval on this early stage of development will help us to optimize the development process, which will lead to a faster release of the quest version. The game will benefit from the wireless nature of Oculus Quest, as one of its main features is fast-paced gameplay.”

As previously reported, Outlier is being developed for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index headsets first, with a Steam Early Access release expected before the end of this year. “During the early access period, we hope to receive feedback from the community on the core mechanics and future content of the game,” notes the team.

While Stride offered intense, physical parkour gameplay, Outlier maintains that energy but in a very different way. Set in a sci-fi world where mankind is reaching into the stars looking for a new home, you find yourself imbued with mysterious powers after being dragged into a black hole. With these new skills, you set out to free a potential new home from a hostile alien race, and if you don’t succeed you can always try and try again.


Roguelite VR titles are becoming ever more popular, providing a solid gameplay loop where you fight dangerous forces across procedurally generated levels. Die, and you return to a whole new world to explore, being able to upgrade as you go to make each runthough a bit easier. Outlier will have several mechanics in that regard. You’ll be able to pick up new abilities like throwing fireballs or using telekinesis. These spells can then be combined to make even better abilities.

Currently, Joy Way hasn’t confirmed when the Outlier early access will begin for PC VR headsets. When that happens VRFocus will let you know.

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