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SenseGlove Nova

SenseGlove Nova has Begun Shipping its $5000 Haptic Gloves

Feel the digital realm for a mere $5K.

If businesses are looking for ultra-high-end virtual reality (VR) solutions there are a select few companies involved in the space, whether that’s for headsets or complementary accessories. SenseGlove unveiled its professional-grade device during CES 2021, a force-feedback haptic glove called the Nova. Priced at a very enterprise-level $5000 USD, this month the SenseGlove Nova began shipping to customers.

SenseGlove Nova

Until the Nova came along, SenseGlove initially started with its clunky, bright blue development kit, managing to reduce and streamline the force-feedback experience into a far more useable form factor. This saw the design move from larger, mechanical appendages to a mechanism inspired by human tendons. The gloves work thanks to four magnetic friction brakes applying resistance through wires running down the thumb and three fingers – the little finger is excluded.

The process enables the SenseGlove Nova to deliver up to 20N of force per finger – equivalent to the weight of a 2 kg (4.4 lbs) brick. Thus, users can “feel” what it’s like to pick up and hold various objects to gauge their shape, texture, stiffness, and more. That, in turn, makes for a far more immersive experience, ideal for the training and research applications the glove was built for.

VR training has become one of the major use cases for the technology in the enterprise sector, especially where trainees have to handle hazardous materials or carry out complex tasks with dangerous machinery. It’s not just about reducing risks either, VR has also been useful when designing and testing physical prototypes, with devices like the SenseGlove Nova enabling designers to really get “hands-on” with their digital creations.

SenseGlove Nova

“Easy-to-use and accessible haptic gloves represent a huge step forward for the VR training industry,” said Gijs den Butter, CEO of SenseGlove in a statement. “The usability of the gloves is as important as their technical features, as it delivers natural interaction and allows the ability to scale up the training process, which is why the SenseGlove Nova is lightweight, wireless, compatible with standalone headsets and easy to put on and remove.”

Available in three different sizes with the fabric detachable from the electronics for easy cleaning, the SenseGlove Nova‘s $5000 cost can be reduced if you’re after a few. Bulk orders of 10 or more will get you a discounted rate of $3,500 per set of gloves. Quite often seen used in conjunction with the Pico Neo 2 headset that can automatically track the gloves, SenseGlove Nova can be used with Oculus Quest and HTC Vive headsets by mounting the controllers on the gloves – mounts are supplied.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of SenseGlove and all the latest enterprise-focused hardware applications.

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