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Somnium Space Expands Metaverse Ambitions With Teslasuit Investment

Both companies want to add more sensory sensations to the metaverse.

There’s no escaping the current “metaverse” buzzword at the moment with the topic likely the centre of attention later this week. One platform that’s been developing its own digital universe for a while is Somnium Space, today announcing a strategic investment into Teslasuit, deepening the partnership between the two companies.

Somnium Space

VRFocus reported over the summer when Somnium Space and Teslasuit parent company VR Electronics Ltd initially collaborated, offering consumers the chance to purchase ten limited-edition models of the full-body, haptic Teslasuit via crypto auctions. This new investment will see them both continuing research and development into sensory sensations within Somnium Space, expanding upon touch, music, weather and shooting which are already supported.

In addition to Somnium Space and Teslasuit working towards a more simulating metaverse, Teslasuit will be opening its own store inside the platform’s shopping mall. It’ll be used for new product announcements like the Teslasuit Glove – last seen at CES 2020 – as well as customers being able to talk with members of the Teslasuit team.

“By investing into this incredible team and company we are not only supporting a true innovative product with the most advanced haptic and sensory technology currently available on the market, but we also bring an important connection for this technology into The Metaverse allowing our users to explore true use-cases of incredible immersion already today, either for leisure or research purposes,” said Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO of Somnium Space in a statement. At Somnium we truly believe in the future of Virtual Reality worlds, and we are committed to further growing this ecosystem with market-leading companies.” 


“We are extremely excited about this partnership; both companies have a clear vision on how the TESLASUIT suite of technology within the Somnium platform will help educate and amplify the adoption of not only VR, but herald a new level of immersion to this new medium,” adds Sergei Nossoff, Founder & CEO of VR Electronics Ltd. “Following hot on the heels from our recent Somnium auction, partnering at this stage, we confirm our joint aspiration to explore and share the wonders of the Metaverse together. Over the coming months we have some amazing new joint product initiatives we will be sharing with our virtual and physical audiences – so watch this space!”

Somnium Space is a free to explore social VR app that holds events and sells virtual plots of land for users to build upon, creating their own community in the process. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Teslasuit and Somnium Space‘s partnership, reporting back with further updates.

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